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Three Easy steps how to use Oxyfind

Using Oxyfind is very easy. Oxyfind will help you to avoid waiting in tiring queue near the clinic reception but will help in booking & tracking your slot from your seat.

Scan QR code

Scan the QR code of the clinic, verify your mobile number and fill up the basic information incase you are not registered.

Book your slot

Once registration is done , select the doctor and book your slot number as you like. Wait for the confirmation from clinic side

Track your appointment

Once the clinic has confirmed your booking, now track your slot real time on our OSS (Oxyfind Smart Screen) from your phone

About Oxyfind

Making clinics / OPDs queue-less and zero waiting zone

Oxyfind is on a mission of solving a major problem of the uncertainty and waiting for doctor appointments in India. We believe with innovation and technology we can make health care a better for the future. It is estimated that a person waste 2-3 hrs. on average to consult a doctor in India. Also according to MCI, 7.5 lakhs active doctors India only, which makes doctor patient ratio very poor when comparing it to WHO standard. Oxyfind has big vision here by real time tracking of appointments to minimize the waiting time and mess in clinic to almost zero. There are further more plan we have to improve the doctor patient ratio by using available data and resources. We call our self a technology company that trying to solve the grass root problems of health care with constant innovation. Let's make health care a better place together for all.

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Oxyfind is absolutely free and forever will be for patient.
Our pricing is clear and transparent. We charge only Rs.1 per appointment created via Oxyfind from the clinic or Rs.499 whichever is higher.
No more queue in reception to book appointments and no more waiting to consult doctor. This is possible with just a simple scanning of QR code on patient's mobile.
When your clinic / OPDs will use Oxyfind, patient can make registration without physically standing in the queue, thus making patient expereince better. Also with our revolutionary OSS, realtime appointment tracking will be done on patient mobile phones and also can be displayed on any display thus minimising answering patient same queries repeatedly.
Its very simple register yourself as a clinic on our website or call us or email us. The concerend person will give you a call , verify your clinic details and your Oxyfind Clinic Account will be activated. All these things will be done in 1 working day.
Yes, we have no lock in period, your account will be deactivated at anytime on request.

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